Being a publicist – my Pint of Science experience

Being a publicist – my Pint of Science experience


This post is coming a couple months late but it’s allowed me time to reflect on my experiences of an exciting project I was part of this year. In January 2017 I was given the opportunity to be involved in the amazing science festival “Pint of Science” as publicist for the Southampton events running 15-17th May.


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This was a totally new experience for me! Since starting my degree I’ve completed a masters and now I’m in my final year of PhD, and after all the time in the lab I’ve decided that academia isn’t a career route I’d like to pursue. In all honesty, coming to that realisation is a little scary as on paper that’s what I’m trained to do. So it was time to explore other options and get a feel of what else is out there, so hello science blog, and through that I’ve been given the opportunity to write for magazines. Science communication is now a route I’d like to test out (we’ll see where it takes me), and being publicist for PoS’17 was another side of science communication to have a play with! Life is all about testing out new things, figuring out what you like, what you don’t and eventually your experiences will guide you to great things. Well I believe that anyway.


For those that don’t know, what is Pint of Science?

Pint of Science is a science festival that happens yearly across cities in the UK and has now expanded to numerous countries across the world. The concept is simple – scientists take to the stage at local pubs to deliver unique talks, demonstrations and live experiments with fun science-related activities and comedy sets in-between talks. It’s all about reaching out to the public and sharing the amazing research that happens behind those university doors. In one city there are 6x teams of volunteers all with their specific theme (Atoms to Galaxies, Beautiful Mind, Planet Earth, Our Society, Tech Me Out and Our Body), and each team hosts their three nights in a pub. What better way to learn some science than with some food and a drink or two?!

PoS calc



My experience of being a publicist


#1 – Create and promote

Generating promotional materials was a key part of my job role. Posters, flyers and business cards were designed, printed and distributed to our six teams and displayed all across Southampton. It’s a little more creative than my usual PhD work so a bit of Photoshop and a little less of the spreadsheets from time-to-time was a nice change!


#2 – Camera, lights, action!

I developed a press release for our Southampton events, and with the University of Southampton’s media relations manager Charles Elder, I liaised with local media companies including a local TV station, radio and newspapers to set up a media launch event at Mettricks (love this place!).  This was a lot of fun and very rewarding, but wow it opened my eyes up to the fast paced, last-minute style of work the media world has! A little stressful but it all went to plan.

The morning was a massive success. My fellow publicist Sophie (at Soph Talks Science), three of our PoS Southampton researchers/speakers (Dr Nick Evans, Emma Osborne and Dr Becks Spake) and myself were all interviewed about the event, which was a fun experience in itself! The pressure was on not to stumble! You can watch the That’s Solent TV interview here and listen to the Radio Solent clip here!


#3 – Upping my social media game

The final week before the event was all about social media and upping my Twitter game (also trying to actually figure out Twitter!). The Southampton PoS publicity team did an amazing job if I do say so myself! Team Southampton sold 970 tickets with 16 out of 18 events selling out. A Southampton record!


#4 – Event nights!

After all the madness it was time to attend events, have fun and share what PoS’17 Southampton had going on with you guys via Instagram and Twitter! Here are some snippets of the event nights…



Getting the chance to experience being a publicist was great. I’ve gained so many new skills and learnt so much. To be honest with you, I thought it wouldn’t take up much time. At the start we had an easy ride where all the six teams were planning their event nights, but one month from the festival and wow it was crazy busy. PhD-ing whilst doing publicity on the side was not easy and my time management skills were put to the test even more! I’m so thankful for having this opportunity and to anyone who is thinking about science communication as a potential career path, give this a go next year at PoS’18! I met some great people, learnt new science, had so much fun and would do it all over again.




What experiences have you had of science communication? Any other PoS publicists from different cities out there? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you!




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3 thoughts on “Being a publicist – my Pint of Science experience

  1. I worked with Pint of Science in Norwich as a publicist last year- and loved it so much! It is was so much fun, and so great to hear the public getting involved in all science topics. I am glad you had a great experience with it too! I would recommend everyone to get involved, as it is just such a different event to be involved in- and like you mentioned, gives you a chance to learn so many new skills.

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    1. So glad you had an amazing time with publicity too! Definitely has it’s crazy hectic moments but like you say, such a different event to be a part of!


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