Versatile Blogger Award

Versatile Blogger Award


In a Science World has been given the Versatile Blogger Award!


I was extremely surprised and flattered when I found this out whilst trying to wrap my brain around a load of statistics! Thank you so much to the awesome Sara for nominating me. It’s so humbling to know that other people are reading what I put out on my blog and social media platforms, but what’s even better is that they value the content! Receiving the acknowledgement that people appreciate my science communication efforts really does mean a lot to me. This is the first award I’ve been given for my blog, and it really does fuel my fire to carry on producing more blog posts and share my science journey. So thank you Sara, I’m very grateful!

Go and check out Sara’s wonderful Instagram and blog Neurotravels – mixing up her life as a neuroscientist and her love for exploring the world!


What is this award?

The Versatile Blogger Award is all about bloggers sharing the love and supporting fellow bloggers. The award is given to those who have inspired them, convey passion through their blog and write with style.

So now it’s my turn to nominate two other amazing blogs, and of course I’ve focussed my attention to science blogs. Who could have guessed?!


My nominees:

Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 22.29.33

Making it Mindful

Chrissy who is behind the “Making it Mindful” blog has recently graduated with her PhD in Pharmacy at the University of Manchester (massive congratulations!), and is a keen supporter of women in STEM. PhDs are tough, and staying mentally strong is so important. I absolutely love her blog. She discusses topics including mindfulness, wellbeing, stress, having a positive mindset and she also dishes out great advice! Not everyone talks about this side of life, but mindfulness is a topic I love to read about and taking time to be more mindful can go a long way. So thank you for your unique blog!


Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 22.51.34Dr. Of What

The “Dr. Of What” blog follows the journey of Bri, a second-year PhD student in conservation psychology. She has the aim of inspiring others through showcasing what it’s like to be a PhD student, something I strive to do myself. I absolutely love her “day in the life of” series. She’s posted many of these, showing her own life but also featuring what other PhD students get up to in a day. I think it’s a fantastic way of presenting life as a PhD student. It will undoubtedly give an insight into the PhD world for prospective students, and it’s interesting for current students like myself to see what other scientists get up to both in and out of the work environment!  



To fulfil my duty as a Versatile Blogger Award winner, it’s time to share 7 random facts about me:


1. I always thought I was going to be a graphic designer

I’ve always liked science but I fell in love with art & design and graphic design at school. At A-levels I studied graphic art but I lost the love and passion for it as I soon realised I was able to get that 100% in coursework for analysing all of my creative decisions. Clearly a scientist at heart! Biology was just my fourth and final subject, a why not subject. I found it so interesting, it made me curious and here I am working towards my PhD!



2. Science communication didn’t come on my radar until I was at the end of my lab time.

… And hence why I have no laboratory updates for you in my blog! Long story short, I came close to quitting my PhD at the start of my third year (November 2015). I had a prolonged Christmas break to think about everything. I decided to stick it out, I reflected on a lot and learn a great deal about myself. As a result, I thought my experiences could help others so hello In a Science World blog, and hello PhD SOS feature!



3. I love CrossFit and working out

It keeps me healthy and fit, both physically and mentally. Having it to look forward to at the end of the working day helps me to focus. It’s my daily treat! It gives my brain a little rest-bite and provides me with other focusses that aren’t related to the PhD work. Highly recommend it!




4. Chocolate has a major hold over me

I may be into fitness, and I may eat healthily most of the time… but wow do I love chocolate. It’s the only thing that would be worthwhile giving up for lent, however lent is normally over my birthday and no way am I depriving myself of chocolate birthday cake. That would be insane.


5. I will travel as soon as this PhD is done

I’ve never had a gap year, never had time out of education. Now I’m thinking about it that’s just madness. Undergrad led straight to my Masters of Research, which led straight into PhD (unexpectedly)! I definitely feel I need to go and seek the sun and sandy beaches to refocus and unwind. Current thoughts are travelling around Thailand. Any suggestions, let me know!



6. I aspire to go into scientific writing/communication

I’ve decided that the laboratory and academia is not for me. Once I decided that it all seemed a little daunting. However, through blogging and writing the odd article here and there for magazines, I know that science writing and communication is the right career direction. Let’s see what the future holds.



7. I said yes!

No, not a marriage proposal! I’ve recently been asked to do something #scicomm related (which I accepted), but I’m totally 100% scared about! I guess developing as a science communicator does involve stepping out of that wonderfully nice comfort zone now and again. More details will no doubt be coming soon!




Please go and check out the three blogs I’ve mentioned above, they’re all so inspiring! Being nominated for this award has provided me an opportunity to think about the blogs I really value, to show recognition of other amazing writers, and to share their hard work.


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