Science Diaries: Three months to go

Science Diaries: Three months to go

Two months later and it’s time for another Science Diaries post. Since my last one, I’ve learnt how to create a multilevel regression statistical model  (I won’t bore you with the details!) in order to analyse my animal data sets which was a massive hurdle. As of yesterday I’ve now run all of my data (I think) through the model, so I’m a very happy girl. Here’s another snapshot of my day as a PhD student.

Onto the next phase…

0621 yoga

6:21am: The constant desk work is really starting to feel detrimental to my body despite being a very active person outside of PhD work. It’s easy for a few hours to pass whilst just sitting running the statistics model on data set after data set.  So I’ve decided to start 20 minute morning yoga sessions to improve mobility. This morning was the first one!


0702 breakfast7:02am: Protein porridge is my favourite way to start the day. Genuinely makes me so happy early in the morning! Sets me up for a productive day of work. A lot of science communication Twitter chitchat happens US time, so I normally combine breakfast with catching up on conversations I’ve missed overnight.


0836 Nipper check

8:36am: Today was another NiPPeR study on-call day. I briefly explained what this study is all about and how I’m involved in my last Science Diaries post. No deliveries over night and no women in labour ward meant it was a placenta processing-free day for me.


0950 meeting prep

9:50am: Every Wednesday at 10am I have a meeting with my primary supervisor. The first part of my morning was gathering all the data I had analysed over the past week so we could discus the results. We also have a kids day organised by my supervisor in a couple of weeks which I’m helping out with, so I thought I should probably swat up on what I’m supposed to be doing for it!


1133 supervisor meeting

11:33am: My PhD meeting is over which was really productive! We discussed my data and a few extra things I could do with it. I’m now at the point where I’ve done all the data analysis I can do for now, so it’s onto the thesis writing. This was a pretty daunting realisation! We also discussed viva dates following a conversation my supervisor had with my internal and external examiners. SCARY! It all feels a lot more real now.


1357 plan IG post

1:57pm: Lunch eaten and my lunchtime walk done to properly stretch those desk-bound legs! I finished my lunch break with planning my Instagram post which was all about making daily goals to stay on track, and how that helps us to feel more motivated and positive about work.


.   1526 amazeing placenta

3:26pm: Time for my friend Emma and I to have some filming fun! I’m currently doing an engagement and science communication internship with my department. We have various research themes and I’m filming interviews with researchers from each one. Today I was making the most of Emma having her a-MAZE-ing placenta game at work so managed to get some good footage of her for the public engagement theme. Totally love this girl, she’s mad.


1640 deadlines

4:40pm: Now that it’s time to write this thesis, a plan is definitely required. I’m giving myself until Christmas to hand it in, I don’t want to go into 2018 with this still looming over me. So it’s T minus three months and deadlines are getting set. It’s going to be tough but it’s the final phase now, just got to power on through and stay focussed.


1804 Bright Club

6:04pm: I’ve finished PhD work for the day and walked the extremely long 7 minute walk back home. So for some strange reason I’ve agreed to perform at Bright Club this Friday in my PhD city of Southampton, UK. It’s an event where researchers become comedians for the evening so I did a little bit of practice before my housemate came home. I’ve never done anything like this before so I’m a little nervous, but very excited! All the comedy sets will be going up on YouTube so I’ll hopefully be blogging about it next week and sharing the footage… if it goes well of course!


1943 dinner

7:43pm: Dinner time. This evening was chilli with a little bit of mushroom rice and green veg. I was trying to be healthy today but then my housemate decided to make cake, which of course I was not going to say no to. I’m looked after so well! I may never move out.


2013 blogging and film

8:13pm: Normally I CrossFit in the weekday evenings but I’ve started being more organised in order to push my blog further, whilst having a good balance between PhD work/blogging/fitness/social life. I always publish my blog posts on a Thursday so I’m now setting aside Wednesday evenings to write a blog post or finish bits off if I started it at the weekend. I wrote this blog post whilst watching a film on the sofa… and of course eating cake. Perfect way to blog!


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What stage are you at in your PhD/science career?

Is there anything about life in science/academia you’d like to know more about? As always I love to here from you in the comments below…




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