2019: Another year, another set of goals

2019: Another year, another set of goals

Another year, another re-write of my goals board!

It’s been a good three years since I decided to introduce goals into my life, and something I can really see myself doing for the foreseeable future. Not only do they help me to focus on different aspects of my life, but they also remind me of what I’ve achieved in one year – no matter how big or small.


2018 was the year of change…


The year 2018 may have started on a slightly stressful note to say the least. My head was deep in PhD thesis, desperately trying to reach that final deadline after a couple IT hiccups, but 2018 ended up to be one incredible year. I submitted my PhD thesis in January, I travelled around Thailand, Bali and Lombok March-April after my PhD viva as a treat to myself, I officially graduated from my PhD and became Dr Lisa Ellen Jones in July, I got my first ‘proper’ jobย  as a Research Communications Officer at the British Heart Foundation which started in November, and I ended on a major high by climbing Mount Snowdon on New Years Eve. I may not have achieved my two other fitness goals for 2018 (to back squat 80kg and do a 10-second handstand), but I did become more consistent with my Crossfit training post-PhD, regained a ‘normal’ routine, developed amazing new friendships… plusย  I’m pretty proud of myself with ticking off all those other goals!


Take a look to see where I was at the start of 2018here.


So, what’s my 2019 looking like?

~ Write one blog post a month

I’ve taken an unexpected long break from blogging. I kept saying I’d write certain blog posts but never felt energised to do them. It’s taken a while to feel myself again after the PhD and then with a lot of change in my life – relocating, new job etc – blogging was put on the back burner. Now that I’ve had time to settle into London life and my new job, blogging is making a return in 2019. I’m all about self-care and a good work-life balance… and I’m not going to expect too much of myself. So, my goal is one blog a month. If I do more, that’s a bonus!

~ Do one new thing every month

Moving to London means there is SO much to do, explore and get involved with. I want to make sure that I make the most of living in this exciting city. Now is my time to just fully enjoy life, try new things and say yes to fun opportunities that come my way.

~ Sell in a press release and get national media coverage

As a Research Communications Officer for the British Heart Foundation a big part of my role is writing press releases based on exciting new medical research that we fund. I’ve drafted a couple but the next stage is selling these into journalists. Getting the story into national media in the near future would make me very happy.ย 

~ Complete London to Brighton cycle ride in Team BHF

I’ll be cycling London to Brighton as part of Team British Heart Foundation this June! This is an event I’ve wanted to do personally anyway, so what better way of doing it than to have fun and help fundraise for vital medical research into heart and circulatory diseases!

~ Travel to two new countries

Full time education is done, and it’s now my time to start exploring the world more. I’ve already booked a trip to Croatia but another holiday or some city breaks need to happen!

~ Read four books

This may seem like a super easy goal for a lot of people, but I am not a natural reader. In fact I haven’t read a whole book for ‘fun’ in years. So, I’ve decided to read a book every three months… that, in theory, is achievable. So, instead of aimlessly scrolling through Instagram just before bed, I’ll be swapping my phone for a book. Any recommendations, please comment below!

~ 10 second handstandย 

The one goal that I’m carrying over from 2018! I need a party trick and I just really want to be able to walk on my hands.


It’s not too late to make your 2019 goals – check out my blog post back in January 2017 on how to make effective goalsย here. What are you aiming to achieveย this year? As always, comment below!


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